“Us” Review

Written and Directed by: Jordan Peele Production Companies: Monkey Paw Productions Perfect World Pictures Distributed By: Universal Pictures Release Date: March 22 2019

“Us” was a thrilling and breathtaking film about facades,ignorance,the failed “American Dream”, and the inevitably of facing the truth.

The actors and actresses of this movie amazed many with their portrayal of not one,but two characters.Some people might brush this off and say it’s nothing special,but plenty think otherwise. The differences between our protagonist and their “evil ” counter parts are drastic.These actors pulled off an amazing (and in undoubtedly tiring) performance ,making the viewer forget that they were watching the same person play two incredibly different roles.

With the help of the actors and dedicated crew members,Jordans vision was brought to life and it did not disappoint.It forced us to think deeper and reflect on ourselves as well as the world we live in.